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The Branding Queen’s Branding Basics for Dummies

My favorite question in the world: “What’s Branding?”

The answer, grasshoppers, is simple:

If you’re asking this question, then you shouldn’t be in business.

Too harsh? Probably. I usually am. But the truth is, you should know at least the branding basics if you’re trying to run a successful business.

But before going into details of how I like crushing people’s hopes and dreams before we do sensational work together and they love me forever… Let me tell you can you can crush your branding like 007.

The Peculiar World of Weird Terms Like “Brand Message”

What’s the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of you? How do they see you?

branding basicsThat’s your brand. The same goes for your business! Here, though, is the groundbreaking part… you can control it.

Well, maybe not control it… but definitely manage it. And if at the moment you’re shaking your head, thinking “I don’t have a brand”, you may as well hit the big ol’ X and go back to your Game of Thrones binge…

Or… and this is just an innocent suggestion of a by-stander… you can remain here for 3 more minutes and educate yourself in some branding basics.

See, when it comes to branding, it’s all about planting an image in the minds of your target audience. Here comes the hard part… it takes time, effort and sometimes – money.

But let’s start with the first two.

Being the Best is Overrated. Being Present is the new Black.

Here’s the secret to having a powerful brand. The one-of-a-kind-piece-of-advice that costs thousands of dollars (Feel the sarcasm yet?).

You have to show up every day. But to get to the place where simply showing up can guarantee you attention, followers and sales…

branding basicsYou need to work on your brand positioning.

Position Yourself Like a Badass

It starts with the most important question you can ever ask yourself: Why am I doing this?

Why are you a social media coach? A lifestyle brand? A business mentor?

Go deep and figure out why you’re in this business and where you want to go from here. Once you’ve got that covered…

What do you know that your competitors don’t? Don’t worry: everybody struggles with this one. The truth is, there probably isn’t one thing… but there is definitely something that you have the potential to do better than everybody else.

Find it. Start doing it. Claim it.

That’s going to be your secret weapon. Me? I help people grow strong and profitable brands in a genuine way. Am I the only one? No.

But I’m amongst the few who’ve branded themselves with authenticity.

The key to your positioning in the market category that you’re in… is having a compelling brand promise that you can deliver to your customers.

What’s the most compelling emotional benefit that you can give them but your competitors can’t? I know… I’m all about the tough questions.

But they work – especially when you answer them.

Finish the brand positioning recipe with a side order of reasons to believe and you’ve got yourself a pretty good meal.

What is the strongest evidence you have that your brand delivers on its brand promise better than your competitors?

Use testimonials, use results, use emotions.

Tell people why you’re different: that’s usually all it takes for them to believe it.

Yep: we live in a crazy world.

There’s some branding basics for you. Next time: we’ll talk advanced strategies.

– The Branding Queen

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