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What if everything you needed to build the business of your dreams was all in one place?


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All the tools, mentorship, support & accountability – at your fingertips every single day

BBS is a tight-knit, powerful community full of people who always have your back

You’ll think this is crazy. You’ll think it’s too good to be true. You’ll think it’s impossible. So did they:

It’s 2023 and there’s more buyer hesitation than ever.

People are being more cautious and only choosing to work with those they can absolutely trust.

You know… the ones with the powerful brands. The ones that scream confidence. The ones that know EXACTLY how to communicate their value and position themselves as the safest choice.

The question is… is that you?

In BBS, building a powerful brand and a successful business gets to be simple, fun and exciting – because we do it together. We thrive together, cry together, jump together, make crazy, bold moves together…

Hell, we even share hotel rooms together 😹 (a story for another day)

If you know in your heart that you were born to have it all and leave a mark on the world: BBS is for you.

I'll let Hannah tell you why:

BBS will have your business growing faster than a trashy Hollywood trend with our:

DISRUPT system:

A large series of trainings perfectly organized in a step by step roadmap taking you from 0 to growing a multiple 6-figure business even if you’re starting from scratch

Weekly mastermind calls with Des

Weekly accountability calls

Weekly co-working calls

Weekly Expert Camps

on mindset, confidence, healing and emotional mastery

World-class community

with powerful networking opportunities and tons of your ideal clients

BBS is an extremely diverse community – in every sense of the word.
Nationality, race, age, life experience, beliefs, sexual orientation, neurotype – everyone is respected equally and we don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind. It won’t be a strike – you’d just be out.

We’ve put a lot of effort into protecting this community and educating our own members (and ourselves) on how to be as inclusive as possible, and how to be a true ally – where it actually matters.

We’ve worked hard to make BBS what it is today – everything you need to grow as a person and grow your business – in one fascinating, groundbreaking place.

Any of this sound familiar to you (because I can apparently read your mind now)?

  • You’re ready for the world to hear your voice (and if the world is not ready, we’ll make em hear it)
  • Your income is inconsistent and you’re ready to put an end to that
  • You want to have an audience of people jumping from excitement at the very thought of being in your world
  • You want to be able to treat yourself & your family regularly, instead of saving up for a 7-day vacation all year
  • You want to feel, show up and be seen as the leader you are
  • You want to have a business that’s protected no matter the economic environment
  • You want to build a brand that only attracts people ready to buy and pay in fulllll, baby

Did you nod to any of these without even realizing it? So did Matt:

Right now, the online world is a sea of thousands of other business communities & programs, few of them focused on what you really need…

The real foundation of your business – the power of brand positioning. Combine this with my million-dollar frameworks for growing a business…

And you’ll realize what makes BBS unique also makes us dangerous – because we destroy every myth, scam and sleazy marketing tactic that comes our way.

Let me be honest here (something I’m famous for):

You don’t need another course or program. You need a place you can call your “business home”, where you receive tough love & support every step of the way.

A place like BBS, that has helped our members:

Build unshakeable confidence in every area of their life
Land 5-figure clients in a brand new business
Grow their audience by 3000 people in 2 months
Never again doubt themselves or be afraid to show up
Leave their jobs
Leave the homeless shelter and move into a home of their own
Get paid for speaking on stages

But more importantly… they did it all with a powerful support network that cheered them on every day – something extremely rare in today’s world.

What if every action you took and $ you spent could lead to increased trust, profit and influence? What if you didn’t have to spend the next 6-12 months wondering if you’re on the right track?

Can you do it on your own?

I fully believe in your power - so yes. You can.

Does that mean you should? Business is never easy, but it’s much harder when you’re not in a safe space where you’re never judged, gossiped about or ignored.

BBS is not for everyone – it may not even be for you! Which is why we have an application process. All of our members are vetted by the BBS team to make sure we only accept people with integrity, who share our values and who will benefit massively from being on the inside.

But none of that is important if you can’t trust the people behind it all.

In BBS, you have a full team supporting you – we’re not a one-man operation where the founder is so overwhelmed, they rarely have time to even look at your messages.

Meet the BBS team:

Meet the BBS team:

Darren Danks

Community Manager

Darren is the brilliant mind that runs BBS behind the scenes. Take any membership-related questions or concerns to him and he’ll make sure you’re well taken care of!

Guna Meldere

Brand stylist

Guna is our fairy branding godmother, taking care of the design, visual identity and flow of our membership site. Being Des’ right hand, she’s super busy, so she doesn’t directly answer any member queries, but you can feel her touch everywhere in BBS.

Sushmita Jain

Community Support Manager

Sushmita is the one making sure you know how to manage your membership – from logging into the membership site, to upgrading/downgrading or canceling (oh no!) your subscription, go to her for any tech-related questions.

It’s time to give yourself what you know you deserve – a safe space where you can ask for help and be as vulnerable as you want…

A space that will become the catalyst for your future empire. A space that holds ALL the answers.

The best part? It doesn’t matter what stage in your business you’re in. From millionaires to folks in 9to5 jobs, we have it all – and that’s what makes us unique.

Why do we focus so much on building a powerful brand in BBS, you may ask?

(just go with it)

Brand positioning is the foundation of everything – and unless you find a mentor who has an in-depth knowledge of both branding and business… you’re gonna end up confused, with sporadic sales.

Every time you sell, your marketing efforts need to be 100% aligned with your brand.

Every time you write a sales page, make a video, do an interview, get on a stage… your brand needs to stay consistent.

Think of BBS as your unfair advantage in a world full of unclear value propositions, inauthentic marketing, and false advertising.

Because you don’t have to resort to any of that. None of us do.

Other communities exist – many of ’em. Both paid and free ones. It’s all about what feels aligned to you, what matches your values and what feels like home.

Need one last look to see if BBS is right for you? Check it out:

There are 5 main ways to learn in BBS:

Weekly Calls with Des - I personally run 2-hour Zoom calls for you every week where you can get help from me, face to face. The dates and times of our calls shift each week to make sure members from every time zone can join, and you can add them to your calendar with 1 click.
Discord Channels - Our main communication platform where the discussions flow 24/7. We have a separate, well-organized channel for every single thing you want to discuss. E.g. the health channel features our BBS health experts who are regularly online to give you advice on any health-related issues.
FB group - just in case you don't like Discord. 😀
The DISRUPT content vault - A large series of trainings perfectly organized in a step-by-step roadmap taking you from 0 to growing a multiple 6-figure business even if you’re starting from scratch.
Weekly sessions - Every single week you'll be able to jump on any of our accountability calls, co-working calls or Expert camps focused on healing, energy work and mindset. Take your pick and join whatever you need on that day!

Want to connect with our members

and ask them yourself what they think about BBS?

Check out some of them below and make sure you say hi!

Hannah Walker

Sales Coach & Consultant

Alex Aldhous

Business Management Consultant

Jerry West

SEO Expert

Emma Louise Hammond

Automation Expert

Elisha Israel

Facebook Advertiser

Rachael Rawnsley

Psychic Medium & Past Life Therapist

Eugenia Littebrant

Relationship Coach

Nadya Rousseau

Influencer Marketing Expert

Ariane de Melo

Speaker Trainer, Award-Winning Author

Gregory Giagnocavo

Business Strategy Consultant

Now… If you thought I wasn’t going to give you any bonuses for taking focused action and applying….

Kidding. Of course, there are bonuses!

Everyone who joins will get…


Access to a Voxer group with Des for 1 week

This is your chance to have direct access to Des and ask her all your questions in-between her value bombs every day for a week. You’ll walk away with clarity and feeling fully embraced by the community.


The “Slay your offers” call

A Zoom call with Des where she’ll help you map out every offer you’ll be selling in 2023 – and remove every ounce of overwhelm once and for all.

Want all the bonuses?

Take the leap and join as an annual member - the universe rewards those who are ALL IN… and so do I:


My entire masterclass collection of 8 classes ($776)


Launch magic: My top performing Email & Social Media Launch Templates


The TOP 5 objections 99% of clients have & how to decimate each one (pdf)

Aaaaand an EXTRA BONUS I just threw in for you:
My “45-Day Membership Masterclass” where you’ll get the exact steps to building your own paid community in only 45 days!

Apply to get access to all of our juicy membership perks now:

The Doors to BBS are closed!

Join waiting list

The Doors to BBS are closed!

But if you didn’t manage to join - we have some BIG news!

By popular demand, for the first time ever


The membership designed to help you make that money FAST so you can upgrade to our full membership ASAP.

BBS Beginner is for you if:

  • You’re just starting out and can’t afford any big investments, but need help moving forward
  • You have a business but sales are inconsistent and you’re not making enough to invest in a coach/mentor to guide you
  • You need to start making money NOW and turn this into a real business that provides for you every day
  • You’re sick of felling like you don’t know what you’re doing
  • You want to be a full BBS member but the membership fee is out of reach

In BBS Beginner you’ll be working fast, to ensure a few months from now, your situation is very different.

Here’s exactly what’s inside:

Note: in BBS Beginner it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you not to implement, focus and do the work – because there will be no distractions.

Everything you need to make money and nothing you don’t need.

Now take a leap of faith and join us so we can transform your business faster than you can say


BBS Beginner

3 months minimum commitment

  • Access to an engaged FB group where my team and I will be answering all your questions and guiding you.
  • Access to the BBS Beginner Roadmap – a step-by-step course where you’ll build the ESSENTIALS of your brand, get active on social media, put together 2 offers and sell the hell out of them to start bringing consistent money in!
  • THIS JUST IN: massive welcome bonus – a Slay your tech issues call with Des and Guna Meldere will help you set up the simplest systems in your business that will enable you to bring money in ASAP

$ 99/month


Got questions that aren't answered on this page?

Head over to our live chat (we're cool like that) or find the answer below:

Is BBS for me?

The only person who can know that for sure is you – but, ultimately, the only 2 reasons BBS could not be for you is if you think the membership fee would be a financial burden for you, or if you prefer to do everything alone, without any help. BBS will be valuable for you regardless of how much money you’re making, what industry you’re in or how evolved your business is. Here’s why Debora thinks BBS is the right choice for you:

What if i can't swing the membership fee?

Then don’t join. I’m not going to be the person to tell you to pull out your credit card – everybody who knows me, knows that I don’t believe in taking people’s last dime. If you simply don’t have the money, don’t join. Grab one of my masterclases/trainings here:


How much personal attention will I get from Des if I'm accepted?

Des hangs out on Discord and the FB group daily and answers every single question asked in the business channel. She also gives 15 minutes to each person on the weekly BBS mastermind calls, to ask for help, advice and feedback. Bottomline, if you expect Des to personally reply to your Facebook messages 24/7, that won’t be happening, because (even though she refuses to admit it), she’s not a robot. You will, however, never be left with an unanswered plea for help or unsupported. That’s why we have Des + a full team that has your back at any time. We’ve never seen a membership with so much personal attention from its owner.

My business is already doing well. What can BBS do for me?

A lot. In BBS, we have different kinds of business owners income-wise: we’ve got millionaires, people on the verge of making a killing, people who are not quite there yet – and even startups. Because of the versatility of our membership, we can serve you regardless of how well you’re doing financially. If you’re doing really well already, you’ll benefit massively from our content centered on scaling, from our mastermind calls and from the community that will always have your back. We recommend going for the VIP membership option. Your learning would be focused on protecting your brand, investing opportunities, scaling with paid advertising, etc. Here’s why Gregory, one of our multi-millionaire BBS members, stays in BBS:

I JUST started my business. Am I ready for BBS or should I wait?

If you just started, it’s more important than ever to take the right steps from the beginning – because going down the wrong path could mean wasting months or even years of your time! You’ll feel right at home with our other newbies and our successful business owners always willing to lend a helping hand.

Can I work more closely with Des? I know her mentorship would give me everything I need to move forward with the speed of light

Absolutely! Consider either joining the next round of EXPLODE – her 6-week mentorship, or, for the ultimate investment in yourself – joining the BBS VIP plan which includes a whole year of BBS plus the next round of EXPLODE!

Here's what's possible when you're in BBS: