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Personality Typing: Which Personality Type Best Fits BBS?

Bzzt Bzzzt! Bzzt Bzzzt! 

New message in my inbox. On my way to pilates, I hastily slam the door behind me and manage to take a quick peek into my Messenger.

“Which of the 16 personality types do I have to be to fit into your BBS community?”

Tripping on my shoelace – or due to the sheer insanity of the question – I drop my phone.


Let’s take a step back. Why do I think this is a ridiculous question? See, the 16 personalities test and the so-called brand archetypes help you to stop doing something most people don’t want to do anyway: think.

Carl Jung, the wildly discredited mind behind these concepts, believed that the factual basis of stories didn’t matter – it was only how stories made you feel that mattered (which is why most of his theories were pure interpretation and rarely experimentation). As well as he’s regarded in the world of fiction writers (buuuurn), he’s not someone you should be basing anything on (some people even center their entire businesses on this).

Many of his theories were simply incorrect and advocates of his work tend to not use critical thinking either. The MBTI test is quite cute, fun and popular – and can even help you at certain times. It’s just not popular among psychologists (like 99% of all scammy personality tests). I know it’s nice and sweet and limiting and irresponsible (I’m doing this wrong…) to put yourself in a box & allow a test to tell you what to do with your life & business, who to date, who to fuck, who to hire…

But in the Badass Brand Squad, we don’t follow this absurdity.

You’re better suited to other communities that prefer to follow random methodologies of discredited psychoanalysts instead of facts and science – and there are quite a few! Now, combine the MBTI test with, I dunno, the Big Five (the most scientifically validated personality psychometric and the one most broadly used in research) and you’ll get something quite useful.

But please, for the love of Lucifurr, never ask me that question again, because you’ll get rejected faster than you can say “That’s not fair!”

P.S. BBS is open for the rest of you who want to be part of an inner circle for ambitious leaders who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to helping others and becoming wealthy in the process. Apply now!

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