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The Badass Brand Squad - The Inner circle you know you want to be in.

It's time to bridge the gap between




It's time to bridge the gap between BUSINESS and BRANDING

I’ll bet my hair you’ve been burned by bad business and branding advice at least once, twice or 613 times in your business journey. That’s because most people giving the advice don’t walk the talk – they haven’t even built a powerful brand of their own, let alone gotten results for others. They’re good at faking it, though!

If that’s made you feel overwhelmed, a little bit annoyed and just the right amount of determined: this is the right place for you.

Want to know if we're legit?

Grab your 11-Question Roadmap to Breaking Your Income Ceiling and Gaining Influence right here


Want to know if we're legit?

Grab your 11-Question Roadmap to Breaking Your Income Ceiling and Gaining Influence right here


Trusting people is hard – but you know you have no other choice if you want to grow.

BBS is the Branding Queen’s inner circle – a powerful community for winners where every single person is highly vetted. That’s right… no racist, sexist or any other type of horrendous behavior allowed. Think… kickass business strategies, exposure, accountability & all the support you need in one place.

But wait… who even is The Branding Queen?

Desislava Dobreva is an award-winning Brand Strategist, TEDx speaker & serial entrepreneur recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top branding experts in the world. She’s worked with business owners from over 30 industries and helped them build & scale their businesses with the power of branding.

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Did you know…

When you’re a member of BBS, a percentage of your membership fee is donated to a non-profit that is aligned with the BBS values. We choose small, local organizations that need us the most, and where we can make the biggest difference.

This year, we’re donating to Adopt Meow Chiang Mai in honor of Lucifurr, the Thai cat that adopted Des.

Lucifurr on his 1st birthday
Liz on a promotional event
Des on a visit to Adopt Meow

Adopt Meow is run by an incredible lady called Liz Purdue, a British expat in Thailand and they need all the help they can get to make sure every kitten has a home.

P.S. Lucifurr donated all his toys to Adopt Meow when he left Thailand. Let’s collectively pretend he was happy to do it!

In BBS, we don’t mess around with sleazy internet marketing tactics or unactionable advice.

We also don’t rely on disproven personality tests or something we read from a free blog post.

We’re focused on the psychology and neuroscience behind building a highly-profitable business – whether it’s your personal brand, a physical business, an app or an agency.

Our Squad is ambitious, implementation-focused and more collaborative than any community you’ve ever seen before.

Business owners are lining up to be part of our circle because there really is nothing better out there for you – at least that’s what our members say.

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