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It's never been more important to come together as owners.leaders.

The Badass Brand Squad

is a community for people who are ready for the world to hear them roar.

If you’re here to make exactly 0 apologies for who you are and you want to gain the most powerful support network in the world – apply to join us now:

I want IN!

Who is Desislava Dobreva, the founder of BBS?

People call me The Branding and Membership Queen because I help entrepreneurs step out of line and build extraordinary businesses by disrupting the status quo.


By doing the most disruptive, uncomfortable thing of all… Being 100% yourself.

No masks, no pretenses, no faking it. Just pure, unadulterated you.

I’ve been featured in many places, flown around the world to speak on stages, I’ve made a lot of money cracking the code of the online world… but none of it really matters. The only thing that matters is that I’ve somehow managed to attract the most incredible people into my world. People who walk together, survive together, thrive together… who do life together. Who support each other no matter what.

I’m proud to call them my BBS family.

Did you know…

When you’re a member of BBS, a percentage of your membership fee is donated to a non-profit that is aligned with the BBS values. We choose small, local organizations that need us the most, and where we can make the biggest difference.

This year, we’re donating to Adopt Meow Chiang Mai in honor of Lucifurr, the Thai cat that adopted Des.

Adopt Meow is run by an incredible lady called Liz Purdue, a British expat in Thailand and they need all the help they can get to make sure every kitten has a home.

P.S. Lucifurr donated all his toys to Adopt Meow when he left Thailand. Let’s collectively pretend he was happy to do it!