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Michelle Virog

Helping Entrepreneurs Design a Profitable Personal Brand with Confidence

Magdalana Pawlik

Helping Health Coaches build and grow online business by organising everything tech for them

Jason Snider

Amy Fazio

Nonprofit success coach and creator of the Magnify Your Mission System.

Emma Hammond

Emma Hammond, The Queen Of Automation helps service based business owners generate more revenue in less time through the power of automated workflows. She can replace a whole human with automated systems.

Bori Bojthe

Bori is an award-winning international photographer whose work has been exhibited in the Louvre and featured in The Exposure Award Portrait Collection book. Bori transforms people through her portraits and empowers entrepreneurs through this transformation, improve their professional life, elevate their brands and transform their business to a higher level.

Matthew Moody

Grand Master - League of Extraordinary Investors. I help busy entrepreneurs invest in high-yielding properties in their spare time through our global professional investment community. 25 year business professional with $4.25 million real estate portfolio who has trained thousands of investors over the past 14 years.

Sushmita Jain

Business Scaling Expert. Sushmita helps business owners scale business profits with right systems, processes & creative assistance that gives you time + freedom back.

Steve Roller

I’m the founder of Cafe Writer, the #1 community for helping writers create profitable businesses. Transition from writing for clients to building their own business. Fun fact: I wrote my entire book, The Freelancer Manifesto, by hand in a coffee shop in Quito.

Stephanie Wray

Artist & Art Therapist. Stephanie creates colorful custom art pieces and empowers people to use art as a way to de-stress, express and process life’s experiences.

Stasja Petrova

Facebook Ads & Email Marketing Specialist

Simon Barry

I help executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses by focusing on key areas - systems, strategy, skills and scale. I have had 20 year corporate career as well as a 10 years in startups. I'm passionate about people and mentor and in my spare time. Fun Fact - I was born and raised in Botswana, to a family famous for conservation and preservation of indigenous people.

Pete Scott

Sales Consultant. Pete is UK's TOP Sales Trainer - he helps businesses 7x their sales results

Michael Kalisperas

Property Investor & Digital Design/Marketing Consultant.

Marsha van Leeuwen

E-commerce Shop Owner

Liga Karklina

Comic Artist & Illustrator

Lara Denney

Marketing Specialist

Brenda Adelman

Critically acclaimed actor with a one-woman show based on her life story. She teaches performers how to create their own successful one-person shows

Julia Bramble

Jim Doyle

Confidence Catalyst & Energy Shifter

Guna Meldere

Brand Stylist & Web Designer.
Latvian Girl, who runs an amazing team & creates an art for entrepreneurs to feel proud of their message and make more impact, by ensuring they have a kickass visual identity, a webpage that sells and the best strategy aligned with their brand.

Gregory Giagnocavo

Business Strategist & Product Lined Extensions Expert. Gregory has many years of experience in starting, growing, and selling companies. He’s an expert at ideation and discovering hidden opportunities through product line extensions.

Brian R. King

Coach helping people with ADHD live full lives

Elliot Kay

Best-selling Author, International Speaker & Business Mentor

Eugenia Littebrant

Intimacy and Relationship Expert - A secret weapon for high achievers who want to save their marriage and enjoy best sex in their life

Edwin Abbey

Health Professional. Edwin is a health advocate  promoting the idea that if you give your body what it needs you'll be amazed at what it'll do for you. He also runs children entertaining business with balloon twisting and face painting.

Doug McIsaac

Marketing Consultant & LinkedIn Expert

Deborah Mendes

Nature Inspired Business Mentor, helping business owners flourish with more ease to become a force of nature.

David Obrinski

Website Designer

Darren Danks

The Self-Doubt Coach and BBS Community Manager. Darren helps people to break through their blocks and live their life without limits.

Ann Murphy

Holistic health coach, Wellness educator. Ann helps people live healthier lives by teaching them how to listen to their bodies - no dieting or starvation included.

Angela McMillan

Natural flow performance coach

Alejandro Brussain

Digital marketing strategist. Alejandro empowers people to build authentic online strategies from unique websites to market strategies.

Alamgir Ahmed

Personal trainer, Journalist